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Most of us use technology everyday. It is fantastic when it works, but not so great when it doesn't. That's where Giraffe Systems can help you. GS has 12 years of computer repair experience, and has been operating in the Bottineau area since 2012. We provide IT consultant services to about a dozen local businesses and we are always looking for more opportunities. We are also field technicians and we do make house calls. If you are located within Bottineau, it does not cost extra for us to work on your PC at your home. If you're just outside the Bottineau area, we only charge $0.50 per mile. If you need help fixing your PC, Mac, or iPhone; please give us a call at 701-389-2216. If we do not answer please leave a message with your name and number and we'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting! 

We charge $50 an hour. Free Estimates.

Here's the breakdown of some of our rates.

  • PC repair rate: $50 an hour
  • Residential custom PC flat fee: $150 (includes quote, assembly, file transfer, & setup)
  • Commercial custom PC flat fee: $200 (includes the same as residential)
  • Commercial server setup flat fee: $400 (includes desired functionality and file transfer)
  • iPhone & iPad repair: $50/hr labor plus components

iPhone & iPad Repair

Do you have a broken iPhone or iPad? If your screen is cracked or something else has gone wrong, please bring it by. We'll give you a free estimate and order the parts necessary to have you back up and running.

Broken Computer?

If your computer is broken, we can fix it. From laptop screens to desktop motherboards, we can repair or replace any component in your PC or Mac. Get a free estimate today.

Malware Removal

Using industry leading software Giraffe Systems can remove any malware from your PC. Don't be fooled! Never buy "security" software claiming to repair your PC. There's a good chance it's malware.