Custom Built Giraffe Systems


Need a new computer?

Let GS build you a new computer today! There are a ton of benefits you get with a custom built computer versus buying a manufactured computer from a retail store. Besides a really cool looking computer like the one pictured below, you get the best hardware available, the best warranty terms, & excellent customer support. When you purchase a custom built computer from us, you are receiving the best bang for your buck. We don't charge outrageous prices for our components and we have no hidden fees. You pay, what we pay. Below is a more detailed breakdown of the benefits of a custom built computer versus a manufactured computer. Don't throw away your money on some box with generic parts, let us help you build a computer you will enjoy for years to come!

Blazing Fast Performance

We use solid state drives (SSD) in all our mid to high end systems to give you blazing fast performance. SSDs read & write up to 10x faster than your typical hard disk drive. You won't find a SSD in other OEMs at the same price!

Quality Components

We choose the highest quality components to fit your budget. The hardware we choose is unique to every build. We only use proven and reliable components to provide the best end user experience.

Technical Support

Each system comes with one year of technical support. If something goes wrong, we have you covered. If your system goes down after the first year, no worries; each component is covered with warranty ranging from 3-5 years.

What are the benefits of a Giraffe System?

  • Each Giraffe System is assembled with great care. We are particular about how our end product looks and works. If it does not meet our standards, we will not sell you it. 
  • We use the latest and highest quality components available within your budget.
  • Our components each come with various warranties right from the manufacture. Most components are at least warrantied for 3 years from purchase. This comes at no extra cost, and compared to a typical manufactured computer, it beats out their warranty by 2 years.
  • We won't tack on extra components, more RAM, or more storage space then you actually would use. We are not about up-selling as we do not make money on the hardware itself, but our service.
  • Each system comes with 1 year worry free warranty. If something does go wrong with your system in the 1 year time frame, we will fix it at no extra cost.

What does a Giraffe System cost?

Our systems are custom built to fit your needs. You give us a budget, tell us what other peripherals you need (monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, webcam, etc.), and we will build to spec. We will work with and help you figure out what you need or might want. We then will type you out a custom PC quote (for free!) and give you the time you need to decide if you would like your own custom built computer. We do not actually charge anything extra on the components/hardware, we only charge tax, and our service fee of $150 for residential clients, or $200 for commercial clients. This covers assembly, file transfer & software installation (if you have an old PC), and delivery & setup.