Computer Repair Services

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We can fix an assortment of issues afflicting your computer. We fix everything PC related, desktops, laptops, all in ones, servers, and even Macbooks & iMacs. If there's a hardware issue, we can order a replacement part as soon as we get the go ahead from you. We can also order and have parts shipped overnight at a discount rate. If you suspect something is wrong with your computer, get a hold of us for a free estimate.

I think something is wrong with my PC, what should I do?

In the event of hardware failure you should stop using your computer immediately. If you continue to use your computer while there's a component failing there's a higher likelihood that you may lose personal data. This is especially true if your computer is running slowly, saying there's corrupt files, or making odd noises. If your computer is overheating due to some cooling fan malfunction you can damage your computer beyond repair. Here are some common signs of hardware failure.

  • Computer won't turn on
  • Computer turns on but off right away
  • Computer turns off after some time (overheating)
  • Receiving a message (or similar) "operating system not found"
  • Blue Screen of Death Error (BSOD)
  • Receiving a no video signal message
  • Computer is making a clunking, scratching, or grinding sound
  • Computer is running very slow for no apparent reason
  • Computer is reporting corrupted files

What will it cost?

It can be difficult to give a precise estimate when it comes to hardware failure. Most repairs take less than 3 hours. For example, if your hard disk drive (HDD) has failed, a new hard drive will cost anywhere from $50 to $150 depending on capacity and type of HDD. In the event of a HDD failure, file recovery will be performed, the new HDD will be installed in your PC, and Microsoft Windows (or OS X) will be restored to the new drive. We will update your PC to latest Windows Updates and reinstall any requested programs. Total cost will be $150 + price of a new HDD. In the event your files are not recoverable, the service will only cost $100 + price of a new HDD.

Do I have Malware?

Malware is a broad term for virus, trojan, worm, adware, spyware, etc. It typically installs itself by either tricking the user into downloading and installing or by sneaking in with another program. Here are some signs your computer is infected with malware.

  • Popups, popups everywhere!
  • Search results are filled with fake ad results
  • Multiple tabs open up in your web browser
  • Your homepage has been changed or hijacked
  • You are constantly being redirected to sites you didn't click on
  • You are being prompted by a fake flash or java update
  • There are popups on your desktop
  • There are programs running in the system tray that you haven't noticed before
  • Your computer is reporting security threats or viruses (these are fake)
  • Your computer is running very slowly
  • Multiple programs constantly run on your desktop
  • My computer is completely locked up and held ransom?! (DO NOT PAY)

Tip, Never trust rogue software

Never buy any software claiming to speedup your PC or boost your computer's performance. If your computer is running slow, there's something wrong that a trained professional needs to diagnose. It's either malware or a hardware issue slowing down your computer. We can diagnose and fix the issue. Never trust a program that just showed up on your computer.

Computer repair rate: $50 an hour