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Computer Repair

If your computer is broken, we can fix it. From laptop screens to desktop motherboards, we can repair or replace any component in your PC or Mac. Get a free estimate today.

Malware Removal

Using industry leading software Giraffe Systems can remove any malware from your PC. Don't be fooled! Never buy "security" software claiming to repair your PC. There's a good chance it's malware.

Apple Repair

Do you have a broken iPhone or iPad? If your screen is cracked or something else has gone wrong, please bring it by. We'll give you a free estimate and order the parts necessary to have you back up and running.


Technology is fantastic when it works, but we know it is not a perfect world and technology unfortunately does not work one hundred percent of the time. That is where Giraffe Systems can help you. I am Jacob Nelson; I have been repairing computers for 14 years. I have been providing my IT consultant services to the Bottineau community since 2012. I repair a multitude of devices; from personal computers such as desktops & laptops, to mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. If you are a business or a resident and need some technical support, please feel free to reach out to me either by calling me, texting me, or using Email or Facebook to get in touch. Thank you for visiting!

Repair Rates. Free Estimates.

Repair Type Rates
Computer Repair (per hour) $50
iPhone Repair (+ components) $50
iPad Repair Rate (+ components) $150
Residential Custom PC (quote, assembly, & setup) $150
Commercial Custom PC (quote, assembly, & setup) $200
Commercial Custom Server & Setup $400
VHS to DVD Transfer (per tape, qty discounts available) $10

June 16th 1:36PM

June 16th 1:36PM

This is when we finally got to meet you. We were really excited and anxious for you to get here. We spent months preparing for your arrival, but no preparation would prepare us for that day and the next 10 days after. It was a roller coaster of emotions and anxiety, and finally relief and happiness to begin a new journey; your journey.
Overheating Laptop? This is the only fix.

Overheating Laptop? This is the only fix.

I have many laptops come across my workbench for repairs. Generally it's a laptop that is infected with malware or has a failing hard disk drive. Usually a secondary complaint I'll hear is that the laptop gets really hot or loud, or even shuts off while using it. These are some pretty typical signs of a laptop that is overheating. Click the image to read more.
Giraffe System Build - November 2018

Giraffe System Build - November 2018

I had a client that wished to have a new computer built for them. Their last purchased computer was still running Windows Vista to give you an idea on how overdue they were for a new system. I had a flexible budget for this system so I set them up with some higher end peripherals and a computer that I know will easily last them 10+ years to come.