Hourly Rate

Our rate is the industry standard of $50 per hour. There's no hidden fees and time is calculated on work performed, not the total time it takes to repair a device necessarily.*

Travel Rate

If you're just outside of the Bottineau area there
is an additional travel charge of $0.75 per mile. This is to cover gas and maintenance on transportation. For example, if you live around the Lake Metiogshe area, my travel charge is $20 plus my hourly rate.

*An example of this is data transfer, computer updates, or malware scanning. Some of these processes can take a few to several hours to complete. You won't be charged based off of this. However, if we are on-site, our rate will go by the hour. This is why we always provide estimates before we get started and why we might take the computer off premise so it can be repaired at our offices for a lesser rate. We will always work with you to give you the best deal possible.

Computer Repair

Do you have a laptop with a cracked screen? Is your computer running really slow or won't even power on? If your computer is broken, let us take a look at it. There's no cost for diagnosis and an estimate. In most cases it's cheaper to fix your broken computer than it is to replace it.


Mobile Device Repair

Did you drop your phone and now you have a cracked screen? It can be a pain (even literally) to use a damage phone or tablet. Don't risk cutting yourself on a broken screen and get that device back to new condition. If you have an iPhone or iPad, I use iFixit parts which are backed with lifetime warranty. Their components are quality replacements. We also repair Android devices on a case by case basis. Some Android devices are inexpensive to fix, some are cost prohibited. Reach out to us if you have any questions and want an estimate.

Custom Built Computers

Do you want a new desktop but want something that will be built to last? You've come to the right place! Giraffe Systems are custom built computers built to last. We make sure to choose the best components so your computer will last several years without any trouble. All our computers come with 1 year of support and each component has warranties ranging from 3 years to 10 years. If you have a budget in mind I can provide you with a free estimate.

Network Support

Are you having issues with your network? Is your Internet Service Provider (ISP) uncooperative or not answering the questions you have? Have no fear! Giraffe Systems is here! If you need help in your business or home, we can help. We will perform a diagnosis based on the issues you're experiencing and give our recommendation and solution to resolving those issues. We have a strong background in networking, even if your network needs to be completely replaced, we can do that for you at a fraction of what the competition charges.

IT Consulting

If you run your business you know how necessary it is to have your computers and network operational. If your computers and/or network go down it can cost you money! Giraffe Systems provides IT Consultant services to over a twenty five local businesses. We know it's not always possible to hire an IT person to be onsite full-time or even part-time. Please contact us for more information.